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an indolent breeze   seasons
Scotland living on air
inner fatherland voyage
Dili the aroma of the landscape
Lusitanian Opium leaving Paris
an ordinary life black spring
the Tagus and the Daugava the passenger
seagulls   fjord
misogynous rover
Irish Sea dilemma
an Austrian hat north
moving? monday
2000 miles   Manila blues
Lowry fragile heart
fraudulent light far from Riga
your Soviet passport pathetic
gaze of the moon between Birmingham and Manchester
sleet prince of Sagres
Macao 1599 a poem about nothing
the sky over Kishinev secret island
Europa Goa 1961
angel on death row memories of Europe
green line tango coffee with the janissaries
blood on the arena M56
prodigy of pain homage to Serbia
Ukrainian Spring verdict
Lisbon nights Lisbon in your eyes
my camera wall of emptiness
high tide wings
Dresden heart of the crisis
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M. Daedalus - POETRY / POESIA