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prince of Sagres

Flames crackle high above the sea
Where the grin of the lute does not reach
Henry, you live where the land ends
Dispatching the eagerness of Europe
Your ships impel our dreams
Anticipating blood coloured crosses on the horizon
Having become the loyal companion of the stars
You see the Milky Way flowing in an Iberian night
Imitating the oceans that navigate your veins
Striving to fill Ulysses’ shoes
Reading Marco Polo’s missives as epistles
Beyond any beliefs, beyond any fears
Sawing faith and harvesting science
Flying in the gentle rage of reason
Greeting news of countries sill to be invented
Unwilling to own, only wishing to discover
Rewriting the planet from Arzila to Zanzibar
The Earth got smaller; humankind grew bigger.


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    M. Daedalus - POETRY / POESIA