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memories of Europe

Bricks, boots, bullets, ballots,
And some walls came crumbling down
Commissars and generals dressed as clowns
"The end of history" - they said a decade ago
But only change is truly unchangeable

Phantoms raised from oblivion
Again rehearsing a primal scene
Green flames lick the skin of Europe
Rattlesnakes plague the  Mediterranean
Shark fins cut across the Caucasian mountains

Mother Russia invokes Ivan the Terrible
Singing recollections of Richard Lion Heart
Mother Russia chronicles lost legends of El Cid
Offering new generations for old enemies

Cold and bright the war nights return
Christmas decorations bless rocket launchers
In our soil the tanks plough a winter harvest
The golden crescent of the moon is reflected on a puddle of blood
Like a waning sickle on the red field of an obsolete flag.

Howitzers maintain a comforting cadence
Their barrels learned to caress Grozny
Distant helicopters purify the hills
And we march with the time, and we always will
It's just one more battle for a remote border of Europe.


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    M. Daedalus - POETRY / POESIA