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Lusitanian Opium

Cruel ocean, you engulf our galleons
Reducing powerful armadas to mere planks
You devour us, so we become part of you
Show us the sweet embrace of your waves

For your salt is the opium of Lusitania
Our passion transforms you into a tyrant
You wrap our souls in an eternal alliance
Lead us in the temptation of one more dance

Sails bearing the cross of Christ adorn your vastness
Your tempests embellish our imagination
We have visions of monsters and mermaids
You show us only the grace of whales

In every departure you shelter our tears
With every battle you cherish our blood
A people with a soul of tranquil anxiety
In your freedom we are planetary pilgrims

You bestow upon us exotic rewards
The enemies of Portugal you scatter
For a second you make us sovereigns
But we end as fortresses of spume

M. Daedalus

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    M. Daedalus - POETRY / POESIA