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The voyage is a rewarding addiction
Resides in dreams of white rhinos
Drinks the memories of dry riverbeds
Witnesses mirages of purple mountains
Sings the wisdom of the savannah

The voyage is inebriating
Goes headstrong into the great unknown
Flies as the swallow that adorns the sky
Flows like an instinct from the cold seas
Dazzles as a rainbow bearing the heavens

The voyage is exhilarating
Conveys an ever incomplete miracle
Sees illusions of sand storms in the poles
The silhouette of the eagle over the full moon
The golden ray suspending a meteorite

The voyage is the sole creator of space
Light that celebrates after the eclipse
The secret language of the clouds
A rain drop caressing a rosebud
A scarlet butterfly over a glacier

The voyage is destiny wanting destination
A million fireworks from your smile
Your hair freed on the Caspian wind
Your voice echoing on the hills
Boundless and unfettered as our love


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    M. Daedalus - POETRY / POESIA