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coffee with the janissaries

Naïve steeds and dumbfounded camels share the Danube's waters
An Anatolian chessboard garnishes the plain
Kolschitzky caresses the game and sips coffee under the sun
Palm over heart - a pawn greets the janissaries
Fingers on paper - a pawn reports to King Sobieski
Constantinople may not be emulated - the soul dictates

Petals of time accumulate on the gelatinous ramparts
Dogs of war lick their sanctified wounds in the Hofburg
In European meadows the Grand Vizier possesses Levantine patience
Across the Tatras and the Alps the bishops meander
Flinging spurs empower the music in Warsaw
And the soldiers gallop south as a biblical curse

A praise for god rises from the Kahlenberg
A tang of gunpowder dresses the fields
Checkmate  - the Polish knights flabbergast the spectators
The Sultan's breakfast will eternally linger outside the ramparts
The besieger has been routed by his own doggedness
Vienna inebriates Europe in the absinth of victory

Mikhail Daedalus

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    M. Daedalus - POETRY / POESIA