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far from Riga

Gulls screaming introduce a new day
An emperor size bed for a planetary loneliness
Outside, the South-Pacific stands insolent
Latvia ever more an obsessive memory
Closing my eyelids I evade the present.

Riga returns as a timeless thought
Morning flowers induce ecstasy in Uzvaras park
An afternoon rolling in Jurmala's sands
In the evening voices melt the ether at the Opera
A freezing night leaves sweat on the linen.

The city is a sonnet in brick and mortar
The Daugava nourishes the soul of the Baltic
Idle icebreakers supervise a cold spring
A black cat jumps from cloud to cloud
Milda liberates the essence of a nation.

But I departed lacking "fatherland and freedom"
Lidosta waved a prolonged farewell
A foreigner transmuted into an alien
Travelling along pointless routes
My heart survives in permanent exile.


M.Daedalus - dzejnieks starp kontinentiem

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    M. Daedalus - POETRY / POESIA