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an indolent breeze

Sky! Sky! Nothing but sky.
Ravens condemned to a duty of wandering,
Bellowing, as rebels against all causes.
A lonely cluster of clouds slowly moves east,
Propelled by an indolent breeze.

A rumour of waves against the silence of the land,
Endlessly a force that reinvents beauty.
Even if the ocean remembers lost armadas,
The shore is the stage where it dreams of mermaids.
The day surrenders, but the ocean knows no sanctuary.

The fading afternoon sun is now just a caress.
Evaporating droplets freshen me,
Sand and salt dressing my skin,
Europe and the Atlantic on my body,
Europe and a distant sea in my spirit.

Isolated on my secret beach,
Under the tall cliff that keeps it secluded,
By the concealed track that unlocks it,
Near the flat rock where I once made love,
Asking the silence about you.


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    M. Daedalus - POETRY / POESIA