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high tide

My shirt is wrinkled, my jeans are torn, my shoes worn
Tempted to follow the morning shadows
Step after step spent on bittersweet avenues
Ten time zones away from your touch
Your photograph missed my luggage
Your letter is only half assembled
Eyes closed to rebuild your face
Your body painted in sky and summer clouds
You awoke every sense in me, while the city slept
Flooding me in desire and shared all my sweat,
No new stars were born in the milky way
The earth didn't stop spinning
The moon wasn't frozen in its orbit
The crickets didn't suddenly became silent,
But we wouldn't have noticed it
Your claws left new tracks on my territory
Briefly an island in the ocean of your lust
Left longing for the return of the high tide


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    M. Daedalus - POETRY / POESIA