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living on air

Inhaling and savouring your aroma,
Sweet and sour scent of sun after the storm.
Wild fragrance of a flower.
Irresistible torrent of absinthe,
Dopamine taking possession of perception,
It grants a thousand secret senses,
Hallucinogenic, raises me in the ether,
A sweet rainbow that nourishes the spring.
And I travel in its metamorphosis.
Touching reflections of starfish,
Sailing without haven or end,
Or ever searching for it.

Far away, I know that I love you.
In the harmony of a Nizami poem,
You gild every grain of my time,
Like the sea that caresses the shore,
As the wind that sculpts the desert.
I watch the atmosphere embracing the planet,
And I live for the pleasure of respiring.


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    M. Daedalus - POETRY / POESIA